Presented by Top Security Professionals

 at iFlock, Drata, and Auditwerx

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Discover crucial strategies to fortify your business against cyber threats.

Top security professionals discuss actual security incidents and share their expertise on safeguarding your company.

Hear strategies to:

  • Build robust compliance protocols.
  • Shield your enterprise from data breaches.
  • Prepare rigorously for security audits.
  • Unify your team's approach to maintaining a strong security posture.

This session is essential for business and technical leaders committed to enhancing their company’s cybersecurity defenses. Complete to form to access the video.

About the Speakers:

  • Barbara Butler, Senior Account Executive at iFlock
  • Morgan Cumiskey, Account Executive 2 at Drata
  • Tim Cunningham, Senior Manager at Auditwerx

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