Profesional Services 

Securing Success, Proactively.

iFlock delivers more than solutions—we offer a partnership to enhance cybersecurity. Our professional services cover everything from strategy to technical implementation, tailored by a dedicated team of experts committed to safeguarding your digital operations effectively and efficiently

Businesswoman holding tablet pc entering password. Security concept
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Penetration Testing

  • Internal
  • External
  • Mobile
  • Webapp
  • Automated
  • Continuous
  • Red Teaming
  • Social Engineering

Social Engineering

  • Vishing
  • Smishing
  • Phishing

Detection & Response

  • MDR
  • SOC
  • Incident Response


  • Phishing
  • Email Security
  • Email Deliverability and Reliability
  • Email Management – Microsoft365
  • Spam Filtering
  • Web Filtering
  • Security Awareness Training

Let's create a security plan for your business.