How To Protect Your Business From Hackers? Hire Better Hackers

How To Protect Your Business From Hackers? Hire Better Hackers

Cybersecurity is an arms race. Criminals seek and exploit vulnerabilities to penetrate your network. Defenders race to patch vulnerabilities and ensure your data is secure and digital infrastructure is operational. How to protect your business from hackers in 2022? Hire ethical hackers to ensure your defenses are secure.

Does cybersecurity include hacking? 

Yes, in more ways than you might think. When we think of hackers, most of us picture cybercriminals, but there’s more than one kind of hacker and not all of them are bad. 

“Black Hat” hackers: Black hat hackers are the cybercriminals most people picture when they hear the term hackers. Black hat hackers attempt to break into computer networks with malicious intent, stealing data, spreading malware, even using sophisticated social engineering efforts where needed to achieve their goals. Whether their motivation is financial gain, revenge, ideology, or a desire to spread chaos, they are malicious actors and the primary opposition of cybersecurity experts. 

 “White Hat” hackers: White hat hackers, sometimes known as ethical hackers, are the good guys. They conduct penetration tests of networks using the same tools and techniques as black hat hackers to find vulnerabilities and security flaws, and provide the data other cybersecurity professionals need to close those gaps. The work done by white hat hackers is critical to strong cybersecurity. 


Can antivirus software stop hackers?

The larger your business, the more likely you are to be targeted by cyberattackers. The average data breach costs a small business $3.9 million on average; for larger businesses, that number rises to $116 million.  But cyberattackers are smart enough to know that larger businesses have more resources. No business of any size is safe. 

Off the shelf antivirus software is fine for most personal computers. If you depend on your digital infrastructure or store data that could hurt your business or customers? You need more protection.

​​How do I protect my company from hackers?

  1. Work with your cybersecurity team or a consultant to implement cybersecurity measures appropriate for your business’s threat and risk levels. 
  2. Partner with iFlock’s certified, professional ethical hackers to test that defense. 
  3. Receive actionable data and deep insights into your digital infrastructure generated by iFlock during their exhaustive penetration testing.
  4. Use that data to improve your cybersecurity.
  5. Retest when you make major changes to your network or as needed according to your cybersecurity team. 


iFlock’s hackers are the best in the business. We use the same techniques, tools and tactics as black hat hackers, but we use them to protect our partners. 

Our team is certified by the top industry organizations, and we stop at nothing to break your defenses and provide you with the intelligence data needed to stop a hostile attack. 


iFlock: Your Proven Red Team Partner 

iFlock thrives on collaboration, on building partnerships. We want to be your go-to for penetration testing now and in the future. We’re the best red team in the business, but the ‘purple team’ model of collaboration is where we believe the best results occur. 

Red Team: In cybersecurity parlance, the red team is the offensive element of cybersecurity, the group that tests defenses by attacking them. iFlock functions as the red team.

Blue Team: Blue teams are the groups that defend networks from cyberattackers, such as your internal cybersecurity team. 

Purple Team: Red and blue teams have the same goal: improve your cybersecurity. The traditional red versus blue model, however, can lead to a situation where neither team exhibits the collaboration necessary to get maximum results from testing. A purple team is a term for the two teams working together to maximize results and ensure your organization gets the most benefit from testing.

As cybersecurity professionals, iFlock’s ethical hackers are first and foremost dedicated to your organization’s security. It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about generating solid, actionable data to keep cybercriminals out of your networks and data.

iFlock is your proven, tested, trusted penetration testing partner. Stop losing sleep over cybercrime nightmares and rest easy knowing the best hackers are on your side. Contact us today! 

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